Friday, June 16, 2017

Jackie Greene videos

Jackie Greene is this fantastic blues-rock musician, who I met through my cousin in Sacramento - and he's hired me to animate 6 music videos, plus a wrap-around story.  It's a huge job, but fortunately I love Jackie's music -

I get a lot of musicians contacting me about doing music videos, and usually I don't like the music (electronic, pop, rap, etc.) but Jackie's music is right up my alley. 

I want to animate each video with a different technique, so there will be a lot of variety in the styles and storytelling.  I asked Jackie how he wanted me to draw the animation, and he said, "Do whatever you want - the more far-out the better!"  Wow, that's what an artist loves to hear! 

So I'm going to show you a few of the drawings from two of the videos I'm working on now - "Modern Lives" and "Good Advice" (a classic song from Willie Dixon, the blues great). 

From "Modern Lives": 

 And from "Good Advice" (still in the rough-cut stage):

Also, I want to give everyone the great news and a heads-up.  I'll be in San Diego again for the big Comic-Con, July 20-24.  My booth number will be 1537 (same space as the last few years) and in just a couple days, we'll publish my events and schedule here.  Come by and get a free sketch from me and Jim Lujan.   I hope to see you all there -

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Fantaspoa Festival, Brazil

I've been going down to Brazil for over twenty years - the first time was for the wonderful Anima Mundi Festival that takes place in both Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.  Then, just last year I did a two-city tour with an exhibition and collection of my shorts and features.

But when I got an invitation for a festival called Fantaspoa, I mistakenly assumed it was connected to the Fantasporto Festival, which is in Portugal.  After accepting the invitation, I came to realize it was in Porto Alegre, Brazil.  Then I thought, "Wow, that's not so bad, Brazil is one of my favorite places!"

So off I went to Porto Alegre, a cowboy town of 2 million, located in the Pampas, with gauchos and country music, and great churrascarias - yee haw!

The festival is wonderfully run by Joao Fleck and Nicolas Tonsho, and I came to discover it's a horror and sci-fi festival (I should have guessed by the "Fanta" part of the name "Fantaspoa")  No matter what the title is, the films were fantastic: "Dave Made a Maze" by Bill Watterson (not the cartoonist of "Calvin and Hobbes" fame) "Game of Death" by Sebastien Landry + Laurence Morais-Lagace from Montreal, "Prevenge" by Alice Lowe and "Tragedy Girls" by Tyler MacIntyre.  They were all great films!

They also screened both "Revengeance" and "I Married a Strange Person" to packed audiences.  Plus I held a Master Class that was so crowded they had to turn away dozens of my fans - so drove all the way from Uruguay (a 4-hour drive) to see me!  Very tragic.  They also presented me with a great prize for career achievement.

Unfortunately, I was so busy showing and watching films that I didn't get a chance to visit the city - so I guess I'll have to go back next year.  If you have a short or a feature that's along the lines of horror, sci-fi or fantasy, definitely send it to Fantaspoa in Brazil - and if you get a chance to go there, definitely "Vamos" - I give the festival a B+.

--Bill P.

                                                      The festival director's great t-shirt!